Airlines Looking Foolish

I travel a lot.  And so I can expect different airports to excel in different aspects of travel.  Some airports have disturbingly long security lines, others have super long walks to the gates.  You take the good with the bad and when you get to know certain airports, you begin to be able to manage your travel day a bit better.  But what gets my dander up is not that airlines have different policies, but that the same airlines have different policies depending on which clerk you encounter in your travels.  In my opinion, this makes airlines look amateurish, that their employees lack proper and consistent training and that they also lack the empowerment to make the situation right with their customers.

Case in point – traveling with an infant.  Indeed different airlines have different pricing policies when it comes to checking child devices.  As far as I know, every airline allows you to check a carseat at no cost.  It’s that second piece, the pack-n-play, that I’ve had horribly inconsistent experiences with.  I’ve had it checked for free, I’ve had it cost me like a second checked bag, and I’ve been able to successfully check it at the gate to avoid that fee.  And I’ve done all three with the same airline out of the same airport.  The line, “well that employee didn’t know the rules,” doesn’t comfort me when interacting with an agent who apparently does.  Airlines need to get their policies straight because when inconsistency looms its ugly head, and the customer knows there’s ways around the rules, it makes airlines look very foolish – what other rules can be bent?

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