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I may not have been the earliest adopter of this mobile-phone phenomenon, but I’m a huge advocate today.  Uber is this generation’s solution to public transportation nightmares.  Cabs are still wildly popular in urban areas, but suburban areas lack the infrastructure to support cabs on call.  Uber takes every day drivers and employs them as […]


It’s become a tradition, my attendance at the biggest industry event of the year, IMEX, which takes place each October at Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas.  I should like to think I’ve gotten good at it, if you can acquire a skill at tradeshow attendance.  But if there is any tradeshow at which to acquire some […]

20th High School Reunion

After attending my 10th high school reunion back in 2004, I knew that I was not going to miss my 20th this year.  I’d also attended my 5yr college reunion in 2003 and was royally disappointed.  I think the biggest difference between a college reunion and a high school reunion for me, outside of the […]

Airlines Looking Foolish

I travel a lot.  And so I can expect different airports to excel in different aspects of travel.  Some airports have disturbingly long security lines, others have super long walks to the gates.  You take the good with the bad and when you get to know certain airports, you begin to be able to manage […]

Un Banfflievable

I travel a lot.  And I’ve seen some beautiful places.  So it shouldn’t be taken lightly when I enter a new place into my top five most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  Of course, that list seems to be comprised of about ten places, and in no particular order they are Big Sur, the Grand […]

Who Reads These Blogs?

I don’t mean the question as exasperated hyperbole – I’m very content writing these blogs even if I knew they were read by no one.  However I don’t believe that is the case.  And so I literally wish I knew who was reading these blogs.  I’m diligent to account for an entry every Monday (although […]

Phoenix Park Hotel

When Congress is in session, there are few hotels who can boast the tremendous convenience of the historic Phoenix Park Hotel, sitting on North Capitol Street, across from Union Station and a few blocks north of the Capitol itself.  Set in a quaint red-brick, unassuming building, the Phoenix Park has been a staple at this […]

A Week of Anniversaries

On Tuesday, on Wednesday, and on Thursday of this week, three different anniversaries are being celebrated, commemorated and memorialized.  The most obvious of the three is on Thursday when we memorialize the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11.  That children in middle school, about to embark on high school, were not born when 9/11 happened is mind […]

A Magic Kingdom

I would be remiss if I didn’t relish in the secondary (or was it the primary) reason for being so excited to be in Orlando last week.  We would add three days onto our trip, meet my parents, and bring our fifteen month old son to the Magic Kingdom.  Although we knew for certain he’d […]

Connecting in Orlando

For now my sixth consecutive year, preceded by Las Vegas, Louisville, Chicago, New Orleans and Milwaukee, I was lucky enough to be in attendance at Collinson Media’s now industry leading Connect Marketplace, held in Orlando, FL.  It was my second trip to Orlando in two months, the previous trip being for AIBTM, and as most […]