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We never had pets growing up.  That is not to say we didn’t have a certain affinity for animals.  But beyond a hamster and sporadic fish, there were no traditional pets in our home.  In theory, this is because my parents were sheltering us from the pain that ultimately comes with the passing of these […]

Liaison Capitol Hill

There are a few hotels in Washington, DC that you could accurately call my go-to’s without revealing any sort of bias.  The Liaison is one of them.  I’ve booked the Hotel Palomar 58 times, the Madison Hotel 21 times, and the Liaison Capitol Hill 27 times.  These are easily my “big-three” in Washington, DC and […]

Hilton Alexandria Old Town

When the National Board of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals, for whom I serve as Treasurer, meets at headquarters, we are often housed in different Alexandria hotels.  For the first time, I had an opportunity last week to stay at one of the busiest and most successful Old Town Alexandria hotels, the Hilton Alexandria […]

Park Hyatt Washington

I didn’t know I’d have an opportunity to stay at this stately hotel in the quiet and refined West End of Washington, DC.  I wouldn’t have normally pursued this property for one of my routine DC visits because, for obvious reasons to me, I’ve not had the pleasure of booking this hotel for a group […]

Are Your Dates Flexible?

It has been a while since I addressed a personal pet peeve of mine relating to and with my supplier friends.  A first question of any hotel who is having trouble bidding on one my opportunities is whther my client’s dates are flexible.  And by all accounts this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask.  […]

Successful Meetings University – Colorado

These new industry events, generally hosted by a publication and which offer a more intimate, appointment based experience are all the rage right now.  For me, it’s an exceptional use of my time and I imagine for suppliers, they find a much higher return on their investment for shows like these.  Last week I was […]

A Distant Second

For every group lead that I source, there can be only one hotel awarded the prize.  And so while it might be interesting to know whom my client considered their second choice, it does that hotel no tangible good to have that information.  It’s not something typically shared – heck, it’s not something typically asked.  […]

Board Meeting Facilitation

Last week I was afforded a very fine opportunity to sit in on the SGMP New England Chapter Board of Directors meeting as they carefully planned their budget, programming, and major assignments for the next fiscal year.  Although I am not the SGMP Board liaison to this chapter, I was asked to be a part […]

Where Do I Know You From?

I’m finally now seeing the scary side of Facebook.   This very scenario was presented to me a few years ago by my wife in a frozen yogurt shop not too far from our house.  While waiting in line she was readily aware of the kids around us and in fact she knew them.  She knew […]

AIBTM in Orlando

Last year I had to take a break from two conferences for which I’d gained a certain amount of momentum over the years, all because a little one emerged into this world in mid May.  SGMP, which I’d attended every year since 2003, I missed in 2013 – and AIBTM, which I’d attended in consecutive […]