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Networking in New York

The secret is out.  Well, it’s not even a secret so much.  I moved to New York in November of 2011 and still consider my business DC based.  My PO Box is a DC address.  My phone number is a 202 area code.  And the majority of my clients are no doubt in Washington.  But […]

Westin Arlington Gateway

It’s one of those hotels I’ve been in countless times, often for SGMP Chapter meetings or events, or a quick break in their lobby to check email in between appointments in Arlington.  But last week I had an opportunity to be a guest overnight for the first time, and just a week or so after […]

He Walks!

Is it possible my one year old son, whose life we’re still inclined to measure in days and weeks and months is motivated by gifts?  I only dare suggest that because two of his most significant mobility milestones came on the eve of the biggest gift receiving days of his young life.  Indeed ’twas the […]

The Big One

How do we have  a one-year old?  And how am I supposed to sum up a year’s worth of joy in one solitary blog entry.  Whatever it is they say about the joys of parenthood is true.  I can corroborate that a lifetime of joy has already been infused into our lives, concentrated into one […]

SGMP National Education Conference

I missed last year’s National Education Conference in Orlando for the first time in a decade, with the birth of my son the week prior prevailing.  This year I added Portland to my roster of SGMP NEC’s that had previously taken me to Orlando, Nashville, Sacramento, Denver, Atlantic  City, Dallas, Louisville, Kansas City, Norfolk, and […]

Return on Investment for SGMP Suppliers

I’ve long said that being a member of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals for suppliers is a long term investment.  In this association it’s very much about building long relationships and the gripe has been the lack of immediacy of return on that investment.  Surely I’ve been a member for longer than a decade […]

My Wife’s Some Kind of Superhero, Part Deux

I’ll say it again.  My wife is some kind of super hero.  She would have to be.   About two months ago I blogged about this phenomena for which I’m becoming more and more acutely aware.  That was after I had two back to back trips and she endured caring for our ever-changing and wonderfully active […]

The Flu

I’m good with colds.  They hit me just a few times a year, they hit me rather hard, but usually for no longer than one or two bad days, and then I’m good to go.  It’s a real bummer to get cold symptoms when having a near 1-yr old running around the house, because the […]

Long Beach

I’ve never been the most active FAM tour participant in the third party world but I’ve certainly accepted my fair share of invitations over the last seven years. This past week I was afforded an opportunity impossible to pass up – a FAM tour invitation to Long Beach, CA, a city I’ve booked before but […]

Seven Magnificent Years

I was employed by Millennium Hotels from 1998-2003.  I was employed by Kimpton Hotels from 2003-2007.  How is it that in a blink of an eye, I’ve now been self employed longer than either of my previous tenures.  On April Fool’s Day 2007 I began a venture which has now brought me seven years of […]