Fairmont Washington

Fairmont is a brand I’ve always admired but more often from afar.  It has never been a brand I could consistently bring to my clients very often because of my clients rate restrictions – and so the dreams of booking The Plaza on 5th Avenue has always been just that, a dream.  But I must say, for my entire career as a site selector, the Fairmont that has always been most useful to me, and the one that I called home last week is the Fairmont Washington on 24th and M Street NW.

Nestled in the upscale, quiet West End of Washington, walking distance to both Dupont Circle and Georgetown and innumerable law firms and lobbying firms, is this near luxury hotel.  I say near luxury hotel mostly because of the fact that, for what luxury it does garner, the hotel is also surprisingly affordable and thus the reason I’ve been able to present it to my clients so many times.  There are a handful of hotels in Washington with the utmost utility to me, that play in the luxury segment and on some days will compete readily with the likes of the Mandarin, the Four Seasons, and Ritz-Carlton, but on other days, and many days at that, can bring the same product and service to my clients at the prevailing federal government per diem.  How about that!

The Fairmont has a slew of meeting space including a permanent auditorium plus well appointed, quiet and comfortable guest rooms.  One of the finest attributes of the Fairmont, and particularly lovely during the holiday season, is its expansive lobby with plenty of space for small groups to convene, to dine, and even to work.  Their floor to ceiling glass overlooking a central garden is also quite a nice respite in the middle of the busy city.

The Fairmont Washington can be counted on to provide top notch service without gauging the customer and that’s a lot to be said in a city where the prices continue to soar with the demand.  I thank the Fairmont for continuing to include me in their events, and continuing to provide value to my customers each year.

WEB:   http://www.fairmont.com/washington/

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