How Smell Can Affect Buying Decisions

Westins have mastered it.  I can smell a Westin a mile away.  And the Wynn Las Vegas?  I liked the scent in their lobby so much, that I would routinely invent things to inquire with their concierge just to spend extra time there.  I so much as purchased their scent (Asian Rain incidentally) in an oil diffuser so my home could smell like it forever.

Hotels must consider that scent, and all senses really, have a huge impact on customer’s buying decisions.  And smell is the newest sense to gain marketer’s focus.  Hotels have long relied on their lobby’s appearance.  The trendiest hotels favor simplicity and sleekness over ornate décor and brass.  And this will continue to evolve.  Next, hotels embraced the sounds of their public space.  Classical music, and infamous Muzak has been phased out and tranquil spa and infectious beats are the norm.  

And now, more than ever, the finest hotels are focusing on the nose.  A fine smell has the ability to inspire creativity and productivity, elevate one’s mood, and ease one’s stress.  Despite our best intentions, travel usually adds stress to our lives and if something so simple as a scent can reduce that, every hotel should be in the smell business.

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