Staying Fit at Meetings

Just attended a valuable educational session that made me think long and hard about the challenges of staying relatively fit while traveling.  I wouldn’t describe myself as fit, per se.  It wouldn’t be among the top ten adjectives I’d use in describing myself and for that I’m not particularly proud.  I am proud, however, that I think one would be less inclined to use the word unfit.  That being said, there are some easy ways not to let business travel get the best of you while on the road.

Often times we are on the road, sitting in hotel conference rooms all day, being fed up to six times daily, and taking in a calorie count that is not only disproportionately higher than what we’d consume at home, but outrageous given the lack of activity we have inside meeting rooms.  Pounding the laptop keys, operating an LCD data projector, and getting up to grab another cup of java can scarcely burn off the croissant at breakfast, let alone the breakfast, AM break, luncheon and PM break you ate all before the evening’s reception and dinner!

Consider the following ways to stay in reasonable shape despite the banquet of food before us at meetings.  If you’re in a low rise building – use the stairs to get to and from your room! If you take an escalator – walk up the escalator!   On breaks, if you’re not hungry, walk around the hotel!  Before the meeting or after the meeting, spend twenty minutes in the gym!  Unless it’s a serious distraction to the other meeting attendees, stand from time to time in the meeting!  And most of all, try to refrain from eating more than you would at home just because you’re on the road – you’re not on vacation!  Would you normally have ten candy bars between breakfast and lunch?

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