Why I Can’t Like Your Hotel

I could probably author a hundred entries on the different angles of social networking, and in the end, I just might, but this brief entry will explain why I can’t “like” your hotel or destination on Facebook.

I use Facebook as a social networking tool as well as a way to expand my business community and interaction.  But so long as not every single hotel or destination is on Facebook – and it truly might not be long before they are – my showing any type of preference towards one over another is a bias that my company prides itself on being immune to.  In my world, I like every hotel, every brand, and every destination and if I like one more than another, that’s a discussion for me to have with myself and potentially my clients.  But it’s not one for public consumption.

The Facebook world allows us to publicize as much or as little as we like.  Sure, you might be able to see a photo of me when I had my hair as an afro sophomore year of college.  Sure, you might be able to tell where I went on vacation last summer.  But liking one brand over another?  I couldn’t possibly.

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