Multi-Tasking Disorder (MTD)

There’s a new affliction hitting productive Americans in the work force.  Each year, mine has gotten worse.  And I know I’m not alone.  In the age of increased technological innovation, it’s become insufficient, it’s become lazy even, to be doing just one task at a time.  And I’m not speaking about walking and chewing gum at the same time.  Oh no, my condition is far more serious.

I suffer from Multi-Tasking Disorder (MTD), where I’m not content, I’m not performing at the level I desire, unless I’m doing two, three, ten things at once.  It is not uncommon for me to have my laptop open to my reading an important email and to a report I’m adding data to from that email, my desktop open to GoogleMaps and TripAdvisor, my printer printing an invoice I just prepared, me sending a text to my lunch appointment that our reservations are set, and while waiting on hold to speak to my sales person at a key hotel.  If I had a third hand I could conceivably be playing the keyboard.  And what’s worse – this is all taking place in the car!  (Kidding of course).

The point is, we are at a point in our professional age, where doing ten tasks at once isn’t overachieving anymore.  It’s completely possible and expected.  And frankly, if I’m not doing all then things at once, then I don’t feel busy or productive.  There’s no escaping this with all of the innovations that are being made constantly.  And there’s no known cure other than vacation.

And even then, well I could be checking my email from the beach while making reservations for dinner and ordering a drink on the sand and…

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