Getting Published

You don’t have to be a PhD candidate to be published and you don’t have to be a PhD candidate to feel the need to be published.  It’s one of the best things one can do for one’s self, particularly if one is in business on his own or if one is in the position of selling.  The exposure from a single article in a widely read industry publication or even a consistent blog, can have exponentially more reach than an advertisement that costs infinitely more.I write all the time – often in this blog format – but also for industry publications.  I’ve been quoted numerous times this year and have written articles for newsletters and for magazines alike.  And without fail, each time, I’ve received emails from readers who liked my contribution, who had a question about a remark I made, or who simply thanked me for my insight.  And what else did it do?  It got me on their mind again.  And the more I can be on the minds of prospective buyers or those who might influence or refer prospective buyers to me, the better.

So if a thought jumps into the front of your brain – get it down on paper or on the screen.  No doubt someone will find it interesting and your voice can continue to make an impact even when your mouth is closed.

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