My Plan for 2012

I keep saying that, if I weren’t telling people I were moving next year, then nobody would know.  The problem with that argument is that I am telling everyone I’m moving, and if by way of reading this you are only first learning this, now I’m telling everyone I’m moving.  Yes, I will be a resident of the state of New York in 2012, however Hotel Lobbyists is still very much residing in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Since the lion’s share of my transactions are in and around Washington, I intend to be there roughly every other week in 2012.  I will likely see more of the locals since my time in the city will be limited and I’ll be eager to make the very most of it.

Additionally, I will be giving up my apartment in the city and thus periodically seeking lodging at area hotels.  As a Hotel Lobbyists, I’m by no means a stranger to hotel life, but will now plan on using it as an auxiliary part of my business.  In exchange for courteous and affordable rates at various hotels, I will be photo-documenting and blogging my stay both on the website here and through Facebook.  I encourage all – customers and hotels alike – to check these sites often as I expect this to be an exciting and productive addition to my existing business model.

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