Hotel Shampoo

I have another obsession.  Yep, just add it to the list.  Unless I finish a hotel shampoo, which means I’ve stayed three or four nights or more, I’m taking that shampoo home.  I keep it in a drawer in my closet and I use a different shampoo at home every week.  For one, it gives me a different effervescence each week.  And more importantly, for me, I know that shampoo, every last drop, didn’t go to waste.

But it’s a little bit selfish of me.  Because for others who are fearful of the waste like myself, there’s something else that can be done with these leftover toiletries.  There are dozens and dozens of charitable organizations who either use the existing shampoo bottles for redistribution among needy populations, such as battered or abused women or children, or in homeless shelters.  Or, some organizations will reconstitute soap and ship them off to countries where hygiene issues lead to all sorts of preventable diseases.

Regardless of how you utilize your leftover shampoos, there are numerous uses for them if you take them with you but only one use if you leave it behind.

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