Never have I thought a video workout could be so aptly named but kudos to the marketing geniuses at Beach Body who so named their intense, nine week workout regimen, Insanity.  Forget kudos to them – how about kudos to me who is beginning week six!  Indeed, as someone who has never really been disciplined about personal fitness, I thought going with one of the more aggressive approaches would be a surefire way to will my body into exercising.  Well sure enough, six weeks might just be the longest consecutive workout schedule I’ve ever endured.That said, day one of Insanity was not my most accomplished day.  What people might not realize about me by looking is that I’m not fit at all.  While it’s true I may be slender and no doubt I am quite active, that is not the same at all as being in shape.  And so this workout was by no means an effort for me to lose weight – on the contrary, I’d be delighted if I gained.  This workout was a way to get me into shape and perhaps even change my shape.

Ah Day One.  Day One is what they refer to as the “Fit Test”, where you perform ten distinct exercises – as many reps as you can do – and then a thirty second break in between to regain your composure.  Right around exercise number eight I started feeling a bit light headed and even nauseas.  I was told this might happen.  But not looking to be a fool, as a Type 1 Diabetic, I thought I’d hate to mistake seriously low blood sugar for workout nausea.  So I took a break and stumbled to the kitchen where I was planning on testing my blood sugar and more than likely treating it with something sugary.  To my dismay, by the time I got into the kitchen I did not possess the ability to accomplish this task – the world was getting dimmer, and I was headed towards passing out.  Since I’d be home alone for hours, were my blood sugar dangerously low here, passing out would only be the beginning of something far more sinister.  So I began stuffing my mouth full of chocolate and force swallowing it with water.  I sat down and moments later felt better, only to test my blood sugar and find out that I was not experiencing a low.  I was experiencing being ridiculously out of shape!

I must boast that since Day One, and since I began doubling up my breakfast calories, I’ve not experienced that sensation again.  And I’ve been very dedicated to the effort.  I must even say that I have noticed a physical difference in my look and the way I feel.  I won’t go so far as to say it’s been life changing, but the fact that I haven’t quit in six weeks now and fully intend to see this through to the end, does mean something to me.  Whether it means I’m insane, or in slightly better health than I was six weeks ago remains to be seen.

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