Super Bowl Monday

I feel truly blessed that I’ve now been able to witness my team, the New York Football Giants, win four Super Bowl’s in my lifetime, and participate in five of them.  I think back to when I was sitting there with my father, in MetLife stadium, gazing up at the Super Bowl emblems that adorn the Giants ring of honor along with their previous national championship.  And in my father’s lifetime, he’s only seen ONE more championship than I had, and he had a thirty year head start.  How great is that?It’s an entirely irrational joy and sorrow that I feel as a genuine fan of a team.  Those who don’t share an affinity for the love of sport can never understand, but the Giants play completely affects my state of mind.  This season the Giants mundane play in the middle of the year dulled my enthusiasm for the sport and I was mindful not to let it bleed into other aspects of my life which happened to be going exceptionally well at the time.

But a hot streak which began in the last two weeks of the regular season and then through three straight playoff victories against presumably their toughest opponents yet, made all the bright brighter in my life.  And the Super Bowl victory, which I shared with my mother and father, my uncle, my bride-to-be and her parents and extended family, and my sister through text messaging, was truly priceless.  The win was pure euphoria and since no games follow until September, I get to enjoy this euphoric feeling for months!

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