Hotel George

Due to various accounts that I have which sit on North Capitol Street or in the shadows of Union Station, I am often asked to seek availability from the Hotel George, a Kimpton Hotel.  As one of the most upscale hotels in the neighborhood, the George is a mainstay for any travelers who will be spending time visiting the Capitol Building, the Courts, or the various state-based agencies who sit in the office buildings which line Capitol Street. The George sits in a handsome historic hotel on E Street facing south towards the Capitol.  Though no views of the Capitol exist from the hotel itself, the George is a very short walk.  The George theme is evident throughout the property, and most notably on art work which captures Mr. Washington’s visage.

I was embarking on a four night stay at the property.  Arriving late in the afternoon, I had a chance to see the hotel’s popular wine hour in full effect.  Guests were milling about the cozy chic lobby with their wine glasses and others were partaking in the Wii system which was set up for guests play.  A grand piano also has a presence in the lobby however no one was brave enough to tickle its keys at the time I entered.  Off to the right of check in is Bistro Bis, the acclaimed Capitol Hill restaurant, and an establishment at which I’d be dining the next night.

I checked into an interior facing room – probably not most guests’ favorite but truthfully not a bad choice here.  Though front facing rooms would have a finer view for sure, that of office buildings lining E Street, they might also capture a fair amount of street noise, or construction noise since the building to the East was under construction.  My room, though on the darker side, was quiet for sure.  It was also mighty spacious with plenty of room for me to work out without hitting the bed or the desk.

The room is decorated in light neutral colors.  It has clean, if not particularly memorable décor.  The cabinet furniture also tucks neatly into an alcove in the wall creating even more living space.  The finest feature might be the bathroom however.  All marble flooring and a stall shower to my liking.  And even better, the soaps and shampoos were dispensable in the shower – this is a wonderfully eco-friendly route.  Guests use no more soap than they require and housekeeping need not throw and replenish with new soaps each day.

I did get an opportunity to dine in Bistro Bis, one of the city’s top French inspired restaurants.  On an occasion prior, I enjoyed lunch here while three tables away from former Congressman Dick Gephardt of Missouri.  This time I’d enjoy dinner three tables away from current Senator and former Saturday Night Live great, Al Franken.  I was joined by my friend, Don, and we enjoyed French bistro style favorites adjacent to an almost open-air kitchen.  While the food here is extremely pricey, the restaurant remains busy because of the fine flavors and exceptional service.  I’m just happy I had gift card!

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