Air Mile Joy

$120.  That’s what I spent on two round trip tickets to Hawaii for my honeymoon.  The retail cost was $2,400.  People who look at me funny when I opt for a three legged trip to Anchorage from New York via both Washington and Seattle just to use my preferred airline, should consider the money I just saved on the most important trip of my life.I am an airmiles whor—advocate, you might say.  Many years ago when I was living in Boston and traveling to Washington frequently, I joined US Airways Dividends Miles program.  In addition to my somewhat frequent travel, I also supplemented my mileage account by obtaining just a single credit card that also gave me miles for dollars spent.  And I used that credit card for all of my purchases.  When I started my business five years ago, I obtained a second credit card, a business credit card, which also fuels the same Dividends Miles account.  And with US Airways being a United partner, and with United merging with Continental, I can fly just about anywhere and earn miles.

I also spend my miles strategically.  For example, when I’m traveling with my fiancée and we wish to make our travel less expensive, I’ll often secure her ticket with miles and purchase my own so I can earn miles while I use them.  And I only use miles when the expense seems inordinate, like my honeymoon for example.  You’d be surprised how quickly miles are replenished with as frequently as I travel and with every dollar I spend turning into an airmile.

Call me an airmiles whor—enthusiast, but the satisfaction you get when you actually get to use the miles and don’t face the “No Storm” that David Spade’s character used to face in those Capital One Commericals, is priceless.

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