Hotel Madera

By now one might make the assumption that I’m only staying in Kimpton Hotels during my visits to Washington.  Indeed I am staying at all eleven Kimpton Hotels during the course of the year and it just so happens I’ve stayed at three Kimpton hotels consecutively.  On my last visit to Washington I combined a bit of business and pleasure when I brought with me my parents, my future inlaws, my fiancée and our Bichon, Riley to the Hotel Madera.  This would be Riley’s first trip beyond New Jersey and he was an incredible trooper.  The Madera is one of a number of pet friendly hotels in Washington and this is immediately made obvious by the water bowl kept just inside the entrance.  Needless to say, we all felt very welcome upon arrival.The brand’s smallest endeavor in the city, the Madera has just 82 rooms.  Think about that.  Six of us, seven counting Riley, would occupy three rooms here, or almost 4% of the entire inventory of the hotel.  There are few places where you can guarantee that kind of personalized service.  Guest service agents take a moment to remember guests’ names and use it during the stay.

Rooms at the Madera are incredibly large as the building was originally erected as an apartment building.  Standard rooms are anything but that.  Though most of the former kitchens have been closed off, the rooms retain their spaciousness on both sides of the building.  Front facing rooms have large balconies facing New Hampshire Avenue and guests can enjoy the charming and picturesque Dupont Circle neighborhood.  Rooms rear facing don’t have balconies but they enjoy a rather unobstructed view of the National Cathedral and of Georgetown.  It’s a true neighborhood feel.

Adding to this neighborhood feel is Firefly, the attached restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s a comfort food restaurant, one of the area’s first, and remains busy even ten years after opening.  The signature piece of décor in the restaurant is the replica tree and the firefly jars in which the waitstaff deliver the checks.  Remember, Madera means wood in Spanish and the wood themes are highly evident throughout.  Evident but not obtrusive.

The lobby was recently renovated to make the tiny entry way more spacious.  It works better now for Kimpton’s traditional wine hour, which Madera does complete with appetizers as well.  A room renovation is also on the horizon although the hotel has been kept up to date and has always been ultra chic and contemporary.  Service is highly personalized at Madera and comfort is key.  I know that Riley will always remember his first stay in a hotel and we will always appreciate the staff’s help in ensuring everyone was most pleased.

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