Courtyard Navy Yard

Though only a one night stay this time in Washington, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to spend the night in a neighborhood I seldom explore, the Navy Yard area right near the Nationals Stadium.  I arrived in the evening  and was immediately taken by the cordial nature of the three individuals working the front desk at the time.

I was amidst a laptop meltdown and for some reason, the business center computers were not cooperating with my immediate need.  The front desk supervisor was kind enough to allow me to use one of their back office computers for me to plow through my slew of emails before adjourning to my room for the evening.

Rooms here are very adequately appointed.  The hotel is relatively new and still feels new.  The hotel is decorated in a traditional Courtyard style but very comfortable and very reasonable for the business traveler.  The lobby is essentially the hotel’s restaurant and was very full in the morning when I enjoyed breakfast with my hotel representative.  My understanding is that the lobby will undergo a renovation of sorts this year so that it’s more obvious where the restaurant ends and where the lounge begins.  They are also planning to relocate the business center so that it’s not so close to the bar.

The hotel has a Southeast DC address which will scare a lot of travelers at first.  But the hotel is in a business community, adjacent to the metro, walking distance and even in sight of the stadium and really quite convenient to the Capitol and to Union Station for frequent visitors to the area.  It should be a consideration for travelers used to considering only those hotels on the Northwest side of the Capitol because of their approachability and affordability just the same.


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