Flurry of Business

This summer began very slowly.  With the aftermath of the GSA scandal still very much on the forefront of everyone’s mind, organizations, particularly government agencies unsure of rule changes happening around them daily, were hesitant to move forward on any future bookings.  Additionally, some agencies suffered tragic cancellations for what amounted to little cause.  As a result, June and the early part of July represented one of the slowest 45-day periods that Hotel Lobbyists has experienced since its founding in 2007.

With more than five years experience now, I am cautious to overreact to these types of downturns.  I’ve found that historically, the moment I begin to panic in the slightest about the market quieting, the very next day business is booming at pushing the envelope of what can be handled all at once.  But this six or seven week span had been unprecedented to this point.

And then boom.  Like magic, the last month and half has represented perhaps the busiest six weeks in two years’ time.  The interesting juxtaposition of super quiet to super busy can be jarring, particularly for those susceptible to being lulled into complacency.  But not Hotel Lobbyists!  Prepared for this likely scenario, the firm is rejuvenated, relaxed and excited about what is to come.  The lesson is clear – there is no sense in panicking.  People have to meet.  They just have to.

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