SGMP North Carolina

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the good people of the SGMP North Carolina chapter, based in the state capital, Raleigh.  I was brought down to present on SGMP’s value on Boss’ Day, the day when SGMP members bring their supervisors to the meeting so that they can glean the association’s value and possibly spread the word to others who are not yet members.  The program was created by SGMP’s interim executive director, Rob Bergeron with the intent that he himself would deliver it.  However SGMP’s scheduled headquarters move from the basement level to the second floor of 908 King Street would preclude his attendance.

I was more than happy to deliver this presentation which highlighted SGMP’s core values – education, resources and networking, all of which I’ve received ten times over.  The hospitality and attention shown me by this wonderful audience was most appreciated as was the hour I got to share my own special SGMP experiences.  This chapter, of just under 70ppl had a room full of more than 40ppl.  What an amazing show of attendance!  In times like these, when government meetings are growing scarce due to irrationally intense scrutiny and handicapping regulations, there’s no greater asset than being well educated.  I applaud them for having me, I applaud SGMP for creating this presentation, and I look forward to the growth of the organization in this period of struggle.

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