Air Travel Returns

I have been advocating for train travel for nearly a year now, as I’ve been operating my business out of Washington, DC but living full time on Long Island.  I enjoyed the train’s convenience – I’m never disconnected like I am with air travel – and the travel itself is relaxing.  But most of all, I liked the flexibility of time and the price – it was often less expensive for me to travel by Amtrak, especially the route that I was taking.  But that’s changed now. Islip’s Macarthur Airport is going to become my new home away from home.  With fares as low as $49 each way via Southwest to Baltimore and as low as $56 each way US Airways to Reagan National, the pricing is what first attracted me.  But now I see how much more convenient this is!  Instead of a five hour trip – first on the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station and then via Amtrak to Union Station in Washington – I can now get to an airport in about twenty minutes, go through security in no time at all since it’s a seldom used airport, and take a simple one hour flight to get me to my destination.  Sure, I’m disconnected for that period of time, but travel is no longer a half day endeavor.  And to top it all off, since I’m flying my airline, I can continue to accrue status this way!

Life changing!

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