The Topaz was one of Kimpton’s very first endeavors in the Washington, DC market and is now surprisingly over a decade old.  Hiding on one of the area’s finest streets, the Topaz is a quiet gem of a hotel in the Dupont Circle neighborhood convenient most popular neighborhood for entertainment and yet sitting in the Golden Triangle, amidst the capital city’s commercial hub.  The Topaz opens with an intimate but inviting lobby, recently redone, and an incredibly attentive staff.  With only 99 guest rooms, it’s quite easy for the staff to learn all of their guests’ names and wants very quickly.More like a residence than a hotel, the small Topaz caters to the savvy business traveler looking for a lot of space and top notch personalized service.  There are very few rooms per floor allowing all guests to feel that VIP access.  Rooms have also just completed a major renovation and are looking better than ever.  Kimpton’s flare for style is evident here, and the renovation has put forth a very palatable product.  Many who know the Topaz’ original scheme may have been put off by their wildly non-matching colors and textures.  This new version is a complete turnaround.  Topaz is classy and elegant but still has an edge of uniqueness to it.

Room size must still be their biggest plus.  Even their standard rooms, which were former apartments, are much larger than the typical urban hotel.  My room, a slightly upgraded version, featured a second sitting area (which was once a kitchen) plus exercise equipment which I imagine might have gotten more use from another patron.  Still, the convenience of in room fitness is wonderful.  Kimpton cares about the well being of its guests and it shows in these little touches.

Topaz features wine hour like all Kimpton Hotels, and it remains a great way for guests to mingle with other guests who have like travel tastes, as well as with management who shows the utmost care.  Topaz was one of Kimpton’s first in the city, but it has a strong hold on the discerning traveler for whom smaller hotels have wider appeal.  And Topaz is here to stay.



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