Buying Preowned

No one looks forward to buying a car. Well, allow me to clarify. The research phase where you get to fantasize on line at all the variety of makes and models you might enjoy – that part of the experience can be fun. Perhaps mostly because that can be done in the privacy of your own home and your own dreams, and does get interfered with by one of the world’s most infamous professions – the car salesman. As a sales professional myself I take umbrage with crucifying all sales people unequivocally. But I can also appreciate good sales professionals and poor sales professionals, and nothing takes the cake quite like a “used car salesman”.

Ours brandished blue suede shoes, or were they only the soles. Nonetheless, our new “best friend” was a sweet talker, a fast talker, and not terribly knowledgeable. Regardless of the schpiel we had to endure, we were actually quite satisfied with the deal we’d be making on a preowned SUV. Trading in my wife’s SUV for a larger and more luxurious one with roughly the same mileage and reducing our monthly payments. Have to be happy with that. But the way we were rushed through the process, testing our very ability to quickly understand the deal’s nuances, that part we weren’t thrilled with.

And what’s more – how about this for rushing through the process? A stalker’s dream? The nav system in our preowned vehicle had not been cleared. So if one were to press “home” on the nav system, we could be steered directly to the previous owner’s home. In addition to the last fifty or so places they had been, and some stored addresses like “school”. Are you kidding me?

I like to think that in my line of work we stick to higher standards in sales.

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