Babymoon to Charleston

All the cool kids are doing it! It’s all the rage!  It’s, the Babymoon.  Not unlike a Honeymoon, the Babymoon is a trip for the husband and wife.  Unlike the Honeymoon, or at least in most instances, the Babymoon involves to the slightest degree a third participant – the unborn child.  The baby bump!  And Baby Sterenson enjoyed his or her recent trip to Charleston!  Our original plan was to take a week long trip to California over my wife’s Winter Break but her break was chopped drastically because of the use of “snow days” during Hurricane Sandy.  US Airways was incredibly hospitable after pressure from New York state lawmakers, and so we were able to change our flight plan without incurring change fees.  And that new plan would need to be closer to home so travel time would be substantially less.  We wanted somewhere warm too, but given my wife would be nearly six months pregnant, we weren’t particularly keen on a beach location.  Alas, the charming historic city of Charleston, SC!

Warm it was not, at least not in temperature.  But the warmth of hospitality was felt nonetheless.  We were fortunate enough to secure rooms at the very historic Francis Marion Hotel right in the center of the city, walking distance to a variety of attractions we enjoyed including the Palmetto Carriage, three historic homes, the South Carolina Aquarium, and a variety of delectable “low country” chef driven dining establishments.  We spent our final evening exploring Isle of Palm, just off the coast of Charleston at what would ordinarily be a highly desirable beach resort.  We still enjoyed the laid back beach concept as well as at least one southern plantation nearby.

Overall it was just the kind of relaxing trip that soon to be parents would crave.  It did the trick as the last vacation without dependents and would be a wonderful place to return with those dependents some day soon.

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