Non Stop Versus Direct

I’m not a very picky traveler I suppose, since I am perfectly content making a connecting flight rather than a much more convenient direct.  This motivation is twofold however.  For one, I would sooner fly half way across the country in the opposite direction of my destination, to either save some money or utilize my own airlines to collect miles.  I’d even connect more than once and spend all day in airports in order to go to sleep that night with the satisfaction of knowing I’d earned something for my labors.

But secondly, perhaps it’s my long limbs, but I prefer not to stay in an airplane seat for more than two or three hours.  So any cross country travel had better let me get out about halfway to stretch my legs.  And for international travel or travel where I would otherwise have no choice in the matter, I prefer to do that flying overnight and only semi conscious.  Maybe that’s just me?

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