Smart Marts

I am a big fan of the new evolution in buyer experiences – the one day, hosted buyer, reverse tradeshow. It’s a very good use of my time and one such media company who continually does a very good job with this is Smart Meetings, operated by Marin Bright of Bright Business Media.  I have participated in two of their events, both in New York City and intend to participate in others where possible.

The 1-Day Smart Mart is held throughout the nation in major metropolitan areas and includes one on one appointments setting up planners with suppliers in hopeful matches.  They combine the day with exceptional networking opportunities, innovative speakers, and educational sessions.  Their model works well as most of their funding comes from eager supplier sponsorships including the day’s food and beverage and a number of exciting giveaways.  Suppliers also pay to attend these conferences while they are entirely free to attending planners.  And these 1-Day Smart Marts don’t take up too much time or require much travel at all since they cater to the local market’s clientele.

Hoping to see you at a Smart Mart soon!

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