IKEA Furniture Assembly

Where would we be without IKEA?  For me, IKEA is furniture that I’ve always called temporary – furniture I plan on buying but not moving with, because surely in my next home, I will want more permanent furniture.  Isn’t it funny then that more often than not, I find myself either moving with my IKEA furniture, or selling it, moving, and then replacing it with more IKEA furniture!  And why not!  It’s less than half the price of furniture store furniture, it’s quite attractive, and it has just one intrinsic flaw.  It comes unassembled!

I would not venture to describe myself as handy or an avid reader.  And the assembly of IKEA furniture requires both to some extent.  But more than being either handy or an avid reader, you just need to be able to follow pictorial directions.  There might be 34 steps and it might take the better part of a weekend, but even a layman like myself can get the allen wrench twisting and ultimately get a bedroom all set up!  There’s an enormous amount of satisfaction when you’ve followed all the steps and you look down in the plastic bag and find you’ve used every last part.  This weekend, mission accomplished!

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