Keep That to Yourself

Can we agree that certain activities related to personal hygiene should be relegated to the privacy of one’s own quarters and not for public consumption at say, an airport.  I have more than once been irritated by the unmistakable noise of a patron clipping his nails whether waiting at a gate, or on an airplane or bus or metro, or at a train station, etc.  Why?  Why is this?  Why does it seem suitable to so many to continue the activity normally carried out in a bathroom or bedroom on display for the general public to view in disgust?  Would you give yourself a haircut right here at gate C7 sir?  Would you shave your legs, ma’am, right on the metro?  Would you apply deodorant on bus (so many should!)?  Then why, pray tell, why should you be clipping your nails here for all of us to witness?  The next time you travel, please set your alarm for five minutes earlier and finish this task in your own home!

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