Dupont Hotel

In the previous blog post, I discussed the newfound art of traveling with an infant but I made no mentioned of the hotel we laid our heads at for this first time experience.  We were fortunate enough to be guests at the Dupont Circle Hotel, a Doyle Collection Hotel, formerly known as the Jury’s Hotel for many years.  Dare I say this boutique luxury hotel with Irish heritage has perhaps the single best location of any Washington, DC hotel, directly on Dupont Circle.

Many hotels claim to be in Dupont Circle, and it’s not a terrible stretch of the truth because Dupont Circle now refers to a bustling neighborhood that expands in many directions from the circle itself.  But in terms of hotels who sit right on the circle, there’s only one.  With an entrance on both New Hampshire Avenue and 19th Street, the Dupont Circle Hotel is aptly named and convenient to the metro, exciting shopping and boundless dining and entertainment options.

In truth, the hotel doesn’t look like much from the street – a rather non descript shape and architecture from the late 1950s / early 1960s.  But at street level and once inside, guests are delighted to a modern, sleek, clean, and vibrant hotel, alive with Irish culture and heritage.  Many of the staff are indeed of Irish descent and their hospitality is top notch.  For a hotel of this size, it’s rare to see two food and beverage outlets but indeed this hotel features both their Dupont Grille as well as Bar Dupont.

Rooms are very well appointed and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Our room had a little extra living space which was fortunate because I brought with me my wife, my infant, and our dog!  We used just about every square inch of our room.  The bathrooms are modern and attractive with a stall shower and a window inside.  In fact, we had windows technically on four walls of this room since there were two bays with windows on three sides each.  Views from the room were rather spectacular, right on bustling Dupont Circle, alive day and night.

The hotel has the ability to remain busy both during the week for its meeting space and convenient metro access, plus the weekend since it’s in one of the most coveted locations.  We had an excellent stay, not just because it was our first time traveling with our son but because of the fine hospitality afforded to us.



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