Hotel Monaco Philadelphia

Most of the time I’m blogging about Washington, DC area hotels because of the ongoing arrangements I’ve made for them to house me at an amenable rate while I conduct business in that city.  And I haven’t been including out of town hotels because it’s simply a matter of regular business when I visit other cities.  But I was recently afforded a wonderful stay in Philadelphia that is worthy of a blog entry.  I was attending the SmartMart in Philadelphia at the Four Seasons and couldn’t get into their block by the deadline.  So I reached out to my old colleagues who now run this brand new gem in America’s Most Historic City, and found myself at one of my favorite new hotels in the country for sure.

The Monaco Philadelphia sits inside a wonderfully historic office building adjacent, literally adjacent to Independence Hall, the nation’s most historic building.  It’s not awe inspiring enough to be neighbors with such real estate but when I got to my room – er, my suite – I found that I was overlooking the building, the Mall and the museum which houses the Liberty Bell, the Liberty Bell Center.  Wow.

Every time Kimpton opens up a new hotel they outdo themselves.  And particularly with Monaco’s which are almost always fit outs of old historic buildings and not usually hotels.  Monaco’s now exist in Washington, Alexandria, Denver, San Francisco, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and now Philadelphia.  It’s hard to believe this hotel only opened within the year since this historic city is so wonderfully suited for a Monaco and so too is this building.
The hotel has a nautical theme because of the building’s original owner and it’s evident in both grand and minute details.  Grand like the custom made chandelier above the elevator lobby.  Minute in the port hole style mirrors in the elevators.  Carpets and floorings are all custom and the suites are rather incredible.  The views sell them alone, but the amenities, fresh vibrant colors, and superior amounts of space don’t hurt either.

I was afforded some very special hospitality while I was here, surely I’m an old friend, but they made me feel so special that I got the feeling they go out of their way for most guests.  I was only sad to have done this trip alone – next time the family comes with me!



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