Traveling with an Infant by Air

A few weeks ago I wrote about our first travel experience with our son Eli by car.  Just a few weeks later I’m able to positively report on our first travel experience with our son by air.  This trip had been on the horizon since he was born, and we approached it with a little bit of anxiety and uncertainty.  We were not naïve enough to think this trip couldn’t turn out to be an utter disaster but couldn’t be more thankful now to report it was quite the opposite in fact.

My wife Jaime would put all her courage on the table when she decided to make the trip.  For one, my tickets were booked months earlier and so not only wasn’t it possible for her to make my flight, it also wasn’t particularly practical since I’d be making a connection.  In the event that the flying wasn’t well received, we sure didn’t want to have Eli try to endure two ascents and two descents.  But just as risky perhaps, was the notion that Jaime would fly out on a direct flight the next day – but alone!  As an experienced a flyer as I am, I think I’d still be awfully nervous trying to navigate an airport for the first time with an infant.  I am pleased to report that she negotiated the terminal and security like a pro.  Who knew that having a cute little baby would also elicit the sincere care and support of TSA agents who were kind enough to patiently guide them through the otherwise annoying process?  And on the plane?  Eli was a dream!  Though he didn’t sleep, he also didn’t complain.  As instructed by many a pediatrician and other childcare experts, Jaime fed him on the way up and fed him on the way down, avoiding all ear issues due to the pressure.

On the way home, when we would indeed be traveling all together, I was only nervous that Eli had saved his mood for me but on the contrary.  He was even better!  Fed on the way up, fed on the way down, and napped just about every moment in between.  Other travelers who had the choice to sit next to us (Southwest) but skipped us, were probably regretting it.  We traveled in total silence and he or she would have sure had a lot more legroom!  Lucky us.  Can’t wait to do this again with my little world traveler!

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