Living in the Future

A couple of weeks ago I had an odd experience which my friend summed up rather eloquently when he said it felt like we were “living in the future”.  Never before had I more felt like I was indeed living in the future than when I attended a close friend’s wedding and saw a number of folks I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade or even back to my college years – and found suddenly we all had kids, some of us one, some of us more than one.

But let me clarify – I had seen these friends.  I just hadn’t seen them in person.  In the age of Facebook, I have kept incredibly up to date on the ongoings in each of these friend’s lives.  So although I hadn’t been in the same room with them in quite some time, it sure felt like I had.  It felt like college was just a couple of years ago, and not sixteen years ago as it were.  It felt like I had just seen them.  But the last time I saw all of these people, we were just wee young adults and now we were all families!  In that way it very much felt like we had jumped into the future to see what our lives were going to be like, not what they were like now.

I’m thankful that part of this feeling reminded me of our youthful spirit.  We still feel very much like we’re just fresh out of college when in fact, I began my freshman year more than half my life ago.  Crazy as it sounds.  The future looks bright though, in many many ways.  Glad to be here after all.

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