Vacationing with an Infant

My third installment now in blogs pertaining to infant travels.  I’ve spoken of traveling with an infant by car and by plane but now in our second air experience, which went even more splendidly than the first, I get to remark on what it’s like to vacation with an infant.

First there’s the preparation.  Our son Eli is on formula and so for a four day trip, we expect to go through four to five bottles of formula.  These bottles can get pretty heavy, especially if one expects to carry them on.  And if one doesn’t expect to carry them on, it’s going to contribute to luggage exceeding the weight limits for sure.  So we shipped the formula ahead of time and confirmed receipt.  Still, we had to travel with a small bit of opened formula.  Because of the need to travel with special liquid, we are required to get a vapor screening and if we refuse to have the formula go through the x-ray, which we did, we had to have one of us submit to a full pat down.  Lucky us.

Sleeping arrangements in a hotel are necessary to consider as well.  Though hotels are required to have cribs which meet the latest and greatest safety standards, their luxury level will not even come close to comparing to the home crib.  We recommend doing as we did, bringing our own bedding (and if driving bringing our own mattress).  Also bringing some of the familiar stations Eli could expect at home, like his playmat which we could easily recreate on the king bed.
But aside from the mundane necessities, once on vacation, life is grand.  The first experience, though they’ll go completely unremembered by our son, are now priceless memories for us.  How about Eli’s very first dip in the pool?  And him loving it?  Made me want to pick up and move to Florida just so we could go swimming every day.

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