Belgium Chocolates?

You have to pick and choose your battles when you’re a grammatician, the Grammar Police, if you will.  You can’t be that guy who corrects everyone’s spoken word – it’s one thing to correct the written word, particularly on business documents – but to stop someone in their speak and make a correction is tacky in most social circumstances.  I went out on a limb the other day, however, when I couldn’t take for another second hearing chocolates be described as Belgium Chocolates.  Belgium?  No, no, no – it’s Belgian.  The adjective, not the noun.  I know it’s a picayune thing to disturb me, especially since in this instance the noun and adjective sounds so similar, but I needed to make this correction.

Why?  Do we eat Poland Sausage?  Or France Fries?  Or better yet, Belgium Waffles?  Let’s stick to breakfast, do we eat France Toast?  Or if you can’t get your hands on Belgium Waffles or France Toast, you can always settle for an England Muffin, right?  And when all else fails, and you stop caring about sugar intake, look no further than everyone’s favorite continental breakfast treat, the Denmark.

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