We Have a Crawler

Just as we had been betting before Eli was born as to when he would arrive, for many weeks we have been watching carefully Eli’s development at “tummy time” and taking bets as to when he’d be able to coordinate himself into a crawl.  For weeks leading up to it Eli could get himself into crawling position only to be frustrated with the seeming lack of automatic motion or the occasional setback of moving backwards.  But then on Christmas Eve, little Eli at seven and a half months, took one giant step – er, one giant knee in the right direction.  And in just a few days there would be no stopping him.  I’ve said it many times but it’s an incredible marvel to watch this kind of development in someone I see every day.  He must be utterly mesmerized by the notion of not being able to do it one day and being able to do it, and then do it expertly the next.  Our mission to baby proof the house is now urgent.  And of course, the odds are now being drawn up so that bets can be taken on his next big development, standing!

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