Embassy Suites Washington

It’s a brand that’s hard not to love, particularly if you’re a value seeker or if you need a little extra space in your travels.  Both priorities were critical to my most recent trip to Washington, DC as I would be staying for four nights, longer than my average stint, would be traveling with my wife and infant who takes up more room than the North Korean army, and also with my parents who would be tasked with babysitting while my wife and I exhibited for the second time at the Washington Bridal Expo.  For this litany of needs, the Embassy Suites Washington more than suited our requirements last week.

Fashioned as many hotels built in the 1980s were, the Embassy Suites Washington features a large atrium lobby over which most all of the guest rooms overlook.  There’s scenic foliage and waterfalls about which make the lobby feel very inviting and almost resort like.  In the perimeter of this expansive lobby are meeting rooms however none would be necessary for us on this trip.  What was entirely necessary however was the indoor pool, one of very few hotels who has such an extraordinary amenity for those traveling with  children.  And we’d make very fine use of it.

The other things we’d make very fine use of were the square footage of our suite and the complimentary breakfast each morning.  Here’s where the value of the Embassy Suites is in clear view.  We were able to spread out the tonnage of stuff we brought to accommodate Eli and still give him room to crawl.  Nothing was more important that room to crawl!  And since we’d be sharing the room with my parents, having the separate king bedroom where they could reside and having the living room with pullout sofa for us was extraordinarily convenient.  Then each morning, the four of us, sometimes together and sometimes not, could take part in full cooked-to-order breakfasts.  Sitting in a restaurant would have cost us a lot more time and not to mention, easily $50 each morning.  To save time and money like this was paramount to the success of our trip.

The hotel is clean and comfortable and although more modern styled Embassy Suites exists, this model is tried and true and serves a wonderful purpose for travelers with these kinds of specific needs.  Now that I’m a dad, and not just a business traveler, the Embassy Suites will surely be a go to for us.

WEB:   http://embassysuites3.hilton.com/en/hotels/district-of-columbia/embassy-suites-washington-dc-WASDNES/index.html

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