Hyatt Bethesda

Another trip to DC for me with time away from my family, and another Winter storm.  That’s how this season has been working for us.  On this trip to DC I would spend just as much time trying to get out as I would there.  It was only a two night trip to begin with, but I wanted to ensure I wasn’t stuck for three.  And with the help of Amtrak and their very accommodating agents, I was indeed able to get home according to schedule when so many people who were flying would not.

I spent this visit mostly in Bethesda, a Maryland suburb just north and west of the District itself.  With its own busy downtown and scores of eateries, Bethesda is a common alternative to downtown for conference goers, particularly those who will be visiting with NIH.  And the Hyatt Regency, where I would stay and where I have booked so many programs, would be my gracious host.  I was so impressed with my greeting.  About an hour after I checked in, I was set to meet with my hotel rep for a quick hello and handshake.  When I got down to the lobby I was greeted not only by my sales  rep, but also the hotel’s Director of Sales, Director of Housekeeping, Director of Engineering, and General Manager.  It speaks volumes about this hotel’s attention to detail and care for its clients that the entire Executive Committee would spend fifteen minutes with me in the lobby.

Kathryn Duryea.  It’s no secret why the Hyatt is the most recognizable and busiest hotel in Bethesda.  It also benefits from having the most ideal location in this town just north of the District, just feet from the Metro and from shopping and dining choices.  And despite the hotel being regularly busy with NIH business, they still make concession laden offers for other business to ensure that business also repeats.  The Hyatt has a stepped façade with a large atrium lobby and conveniently located meeting rooms right below lobby level.   Though they’ve suffered in the past from poor signals and internet access below the lobby level, this has been thoroughly addressed in their renovations.  The hotel responds to client recommendations and thus remains a favorite.  With two full service restaurants on premises, Daily Grill and Morton’s Steakhouse, plus an indoor pool on their top floor, the Hyatt Regency is a serious go to for many customers .



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