Hotel Value Irony

It’s like those AT&T commercials where the grown-up is sitting around the table with a bunch of youngsters and getting them to share their opinion on a variety of topics.  What if the topic of hotel value was posed to these kids?  How is it that these kids would be able to rationalize the most odd of imbalanced value propositions.  At the most basic of economy tourist class hotels, or even at the base level of national chains, hotel rooms cost less, and yet they often include added values like free internet and free breakfast.  But when you look at your bill from a luxury property, the room rate could easily be twice that of the economy brand and yet you’ll find yourself paying for internet, as much as $15.95 per day, and breakfast in their fine dining restaurant will cost no less than $20 per person.  How is that?

In much the same way as dining at an elite restaurant you’ll find yourself ordering a la carte the items which would naturally be included in a platter at any mid level chain restaurant, there is some supposition that paying for these items is naturally a benefit reserved for those who can afford it.  I say hogwash to that.  If traveling on my own dime, provided a room is comfortable, spacious and clean, I’ll grab value over luxury any day of the week – or, well, maybe six days out of the week at least.

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