Full Time Job?

My wife is some kind of super hero.  She would have to be.  I left on Friday, March 7th for two nights – two weekend nights – the nights that I am usually able to break her of her full time service to our son – for a business trip.  I then returned on a Sunday, was home Monday and Tuesday, and then left again Wednesday, March 12th for three nights for another business trip covering a weekend, getting me home late on the night of Saturday, March 15th.  Though I tried my best in the in between dates to cover as many Eli shifts as I could given that they were still work days for me, it’s hard to refute the superheroic schedule my wife has been putting in at her full time job.

Isn’t it interesting that we call our day job’s – yours and mine – full time jobs.  A worker working 40hrs a week can call that job full time.  And as a small business owner, I’m sure I work twice that of an average 40hr work week.  So if that job is full time, what’s mine?  And if I thought my hours were extensive, let’s examine the work schedule of my wife, a stay-at-home mother.  Her job has no start time and no end time – it’s constant, 24×7, with little room for breaks. And if there are breaks, they’re certainly not scheduled or consistent.  Even when the baby naps, that only means an opportunity to catch up on the house work which couldn’t be done while tending to an increasingly curious and difficult to contain 11 month old!  It’s tireless to the extreme and tiresome to comprehend.  For my wife it’s fueled with a love that is breathtaking to behold and I suppose that’s where the super hero energy is derived.  I’m grateful to be in the presence of greatness every day of my life.

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