Westin Arlington Gateway

It’s one of those hotels I’ve been in countless times, often for SGMP Chapter meetings or events, or a quick break in their lobby to check email in between appointments in Arlington.  But last week I had an opportunity to be a guest overnight for the first time, and just a week or so after one of my groups had checked in.

This Westin is supremely located in Arlington and guests can easily be satisfied with the robust dining and entertainment infrastructure which surrounds it without even having to access DC.  The metro is a short walk for those who need it.  But there’s a mall nearly adjacent plus scores of mid to upscale restaurants along with frugal dining choices all the same.

The Westin is well built for meetings with its space laid out nicely on the first two floors.  Their restaurant has access to the street as well as in the lobby and there’s plenty of places to convene in their lobby as well.  The hotel was built about a decade ago and their styling holds up as modern.  Westin’s Heavenly beds and Showers remain an amenity that guests covet.

The suite we were afforded was very useful since we had traveled with our now walking year old son, as well as our 12yr old bichon frise.  In fact, we may have had too much space.  Far too much to properly or quickly baby-proof, that’s for sure.  But the spacious layout, in theory, would mean we could put our young son down for bed and still have time to ourselves.  Surely that would happen in an ideal world.  In our world we had to make sure the room was pitch black and that there was no movement of any kind.  It was the though that counted for sure.

Starbucks each morning for breakfast was also helpful, just behind the front desk.  Overall an exceptionally well built and well positioned hotel for all kinds of business to the area.

WEB:  https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/wasag-the-westin-arlington-gateway/

PHOTOS:   https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152494389722674.1073741839.137517647673&type=3&uploaded=12

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