Letters, Numbers and Colors

As a new Dad, I am simply in awe of the explosion of development I’m seeing in my young son.  And as I watch in amazement the discovery and awareness that emerges daily, I relish the day long past when such minute accomplishments could resonate so loudly, when a simple new unearthing could literally change the course of my life, and when the most mundane and ordinary objects would not cease to entertain me.

Ah ’tis the life of an eighteen month old.  Before my son’s eyes open each morning or from a restful nap, he’s rattling off a roster of every person he knows.  It’s like he’s taking attendance in his mind.  And as soon as his eyes gain proper focus, he’s identifying all the colors he sees, and all the letters and numbers he recognizes.  At present we have just about all the colors of the rainbow:  pupple, baloo, gween, wehwoh, baka and redda.  No idea how orange became baka but we’re sticking with it, folks.  And he’s got A, B, moon, D, E, I, J, L, M, N, O and P!  And of course 8, 9 and O again.  Walking through a shopping mall, which at once was a nightmare for the new walker, is now an exercise in letter recognition.

May I say , living through his learning makes the Dollar Store Disney World and makes every new place, whether it’s the grocery store or the playground, whether it’s a park or the grandparents house, whether it’s in the car or in the living room, heaven on earth for mama and dada.