Phoenix Park Hotel

When Congress is in session, there are few hotels who can boast the tremendous convenience of the historic Phoenix Park Hotel, sitting on North Capitol Street, across from Union Station and a few blocks north of the Capitol itself.  Set in a quaint red-brick, unassuming building, the Phoenix Park has been a staple at this address for nearly a century.

The hotel is steeped in tradition – Irish tradition actually.  From its ornate colonial Irish room stylings to the accent on many of their staff, the Irish pride is felt throughout.  Perhaps no better than in the Dubliner, their famed Irish pub just off the lobby.  Though the crowd there can be boisterous in the evening, the volume is not felt in the lobby – in fact, it’s hard to tell the restaurant and hotel are even connected.  Although they are.  I enjoyed a nice breakfast there on my final morning.

Accommodations are well appointed.  My suite was a two-story suite with a fancy spiral staircase connecting my two-story living area with the comfortable master suite.  There were two bathrooms as well.  Having seen their standard accommodations I can say that the same care and hospitality is taken with their smaller rooms as with their larger.

The Phoenix Park is well known for the value they are able to offer.  In a neighborhood where rates often soar, the Phoenix Park offers an affordable option during many peak times of year.  They are anticipating a rather massive renovation project next year so it remains to be seen for just how long the affordability will last, but their hospitality and commitment to the marketplace will remain unchanged I’m certain.




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