Renaissance Capital View

For the most part, my monthly DC area hotel selection is arbitrary.  I try to move around so that I’m never at the same hotel twice and I similarly try to maintain some variety with my geography, whether it’s a DC, a Maryland or a Virginia hotel.  Often my stays coincide with my recently booking that property, for my contacts and communication is fresh there.  Last week, as I’ve done perhaps just one time before, I timed my stay at a hotel so that I could be there to greet a client during their conference.

In my business, I’m with my client from the start of the hotel sourcing task to the conclusion of the contract signing.  But I’m often silent and invisible once the group is actually on site.  In this instance I felt it critical to make an appearance because, for all the time I’d spent emailing and on the phone with this particular client, we’d never met!  At last!

My stay at the Renaissance Capital View in Arlington was excellent for this reason and more.  It was a frigid week in the area and I was rather unmotivated to be outside the hotel for reasons beyond my scheduled appointments.  Their metro and airport shuttle was very handy for me – it limited my frozen exposure.  I have long been a fan of Crystal City.  For some, on paper, the set of hotels in Crystal City are “airport hotels” but Crystal City has a wonderfully connected underground infrastructure that makes it a city unto itself.  It’s hardly noticeable except from convenience, that the airport is as close as it is.

The Renaissance remains the newest hotel on this strip of land and it still feels new after being open more than half a decade.  The lobby is sleek but inviting and their restaurant was incredibly busy during my stay – perhaps because of the cold temperatures.  But I sat down, party of one, for dinner and enjoyed a three course dinner all to myself while catching up on the news and work.  Staff made me feel very comfortable from top to bottom and most importantly, my clients were as pleased as I were.  It was easy to find them with all meeting space conveniently one floor up from the lobby connected by a dramatic and modern staircase.

For guests looking for convenience and stylish comfort, the Renaissance is a memorable property in Crystal City for sure.