I may not have been the earliest adopter of this mobile-phone phenomenon, but I’m a huge advocate today.  Uber is this generation’s solution to public transportation nightmares.  Cabs are still wildly popular in urban areas, but suburban areas lack the infrastructure to support cabs on call.  Uber takes every day drivers and employs them as our own personal chauffeurs whether in a downtown or out by my own home.  I’ve now used the application a half dozen times and I’m more impressed each time.

Regarding potential safety concerns – heck, they’re the same safety concerns one has getting into any cab or super shuttle really.  Only Uber sends me the picture of the driver, plus their car and license plate before they arrive.  So I take a screen shot, email it to my wife, and let her know that if she doesn’t hear from me for the rest of the day, she should take this information to the police!

Aside from that, I just love being able to track my driver’s progress as he gets closer to me.  And the best part of all?  No handling of money.  It’s all transacted on line, including tip.  Utter brilliance.  And Washington, DC cabs just had credit card machines installed for the first time in the last year.   Talk about being way behind?!  And if they object so much to Uber’s presence, they have full control over the situation – just improve their service!  Go Uber!  Thanks for transforming the industry who really needed it.

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