Hotel Lobbyists is a conference site selection firm located in the heart of our nation’s capital.
Founded by Brett Sterenson, the firm uses its broad web of industry contacts to assist in the placement of groups at hotels and conference centers all over the country.

We help you save time, energy & money!

Hotel Lobbyists saves the meeting planner time, energy, and money by conducting professional hotel searches on their behalf. We serve as a buffer between the hotels and the planner until such time as a venue is selected, we negotiate the terms of the contract and the desired concessions.

No Group Is Too Large or Too Small

Take advantage of the expertise gained by placing over one thousand groups in the last six years coupled with more than a decade of experience on the hotel side of our industry. Programs have been placed in forty nine states and six foreign countries.

We work by your rules and on your timeline.

Hotel Lobbyists works as an extension of your own staff. Imagine how much more productive your firm can be by outsourcing these tasks for no cost at all! Just like travel agents, hotels compensate our firm with a commission and rates are not raised to accommodate it!

Need assistance with your next event?