A Week of Anniversaries

On Tuesday, on Wednesday, and on Thursday of this week, three different anniversaries are being celebrated, commemorated and memorialized.  The most obvious of the three is on Thursday when we memorialize the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11.  That children in middle school, about to embark on high school, were not born when 9/11 happened is mind boggling to me.  Most of my working career has been in a post 9/11 environment.  And when I think to the notion that my son will only read about the events of thirteen years ago in history books, it makes the occasion even more distant for me.  That said, as a New Yorker now, and as someone who’s livelihood is contingent on the ease of travel, the after effects of that fateful day are ever present in my daily existence.

Perhaps the most personally somber of the anniversaries for me is Wednesday’s – which quickly marks a month since we lost our little guy, our dog Riley.  So much has happened in our lives, most of which has been wonderful, since that time, that we’ve managed to stave off serious mourning by filling our lives with happy distractions.  But that doesn’t mean for a minute that we don’t grieve daily and that the whole left by Riley’s departure isn’t still as hollow and deep as it’s ever been.  Time heals they say.  So far it’s been one month.

And no doubt the most joyous (in fact, the only joyous) of the occasions comes tomorrow on 9/9.  Indeed that will mark two years to the day that we found out our son Eli was growing inside my wife’s belly.  It remains among atop the list of the most singularly blissful moments of my life.  It was everything I’d ever wanted and at that moment two years ago today, I knew it was before me.

Thirteen years, a month, two years and vastly different event s for sure, but no doubt a week of significant remembrance for me.  It’s always good to take a moment like this and reflect on the things which shape us – unusual for so much to coincide in one week as it turns out.

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