Back and Better Than Ever

Though a handle on my loyal readership I do not have, for those who have longed for a blog from Hotel Lobbyists in the past two years of absence, fear not, the blog is back! It is no coincidence that the timing of the reemergence of the block intersects with the debut of a brand new website, the unveiling of a sharp new logo, and the celebration of a decade in business this month! Sincere thanks to all who hae made this ten year ride possible and thanks in advance to all who will be joining me for the next ten!

I made use of relationships twenty five years old for the creation of my anniversary logo for which I’m very proud. For those looking for graphic work or work on website creation, I recommend my old high school colleague, Ian Smile, who runs These Are Ideas out of Costa Mesa, CA. Do let him know your favorite Hotel Lobbyists sent you.

This is the first change to my logo since my company’s founding in 2007. The original logo was based on my own personal doodle and involved no branding genius per se. This second generation logo, for those who will look carefully, includes an image of a hotel, some of whose windows are shaded and some who are not. Surely this is picture of a common hotel front, but it also doubles as a hotel’s availability calendar. And of course, Hotel Lobbyists is here to fill hotel rooms.

In the coming days I intend to formally survey my existing client base, work with feedback, and take steps to evolve the business as its surely no longer in its infancy. As with my babies at home, this baby is growing up all the same. And I could not be more proud.