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Center of the Universe

It’s a new year and I haven’t blogged about the journey of a being a new father in a month and a half. I was thinking the other day how there isn’t one thing I do now the same as I did before I was a father. And there’s no better way to explain this […]

It Isn’t Beckham Junior!

It’s no secret I root for the Giants.  And lately it seems every team has a player whose jersey goes on beyond that player’s last name.  Notably, Robert Griffin III, whose jersey reads “Griffin III”.  We received our player gift wrapped in last year’s draft and he goes by the name Odell Beckham Jr, and […]

Forty Years

My parents celebrated forty years of marriage yesterday!  There’s a lot of joy to be had from an achievement of this kind and so I’ll only lament on the selfishly scary part for a brief moment.  For one, that means it’s only a year and a half until I celebrate forty years on this planet.  […]

Fairmont Washington

Fairmont is a brand I’ve always admired but more often from afar.  It has never been a brand I could consistently bring to my clients very often because of my clients rate restrictions – and so the dreams of booking The Plaza on 5th Avenue has always been just that, a dream.  But I must […]

Info Email Address Useless

From time to time I take the opportunity to use my blog platform (for all who read it) to lament on some of my pet peeves, most of which are pertinent in our industry.   Today’s gripe is to all independent hotels, who list an info email address (e.g. info@abc.com) the best way to contact the […]

BWI Airport

Following my stay in Washington I took advantage of a rare opportunity to spend one night near the airport in Baltimore.  The only other time I spent a night at the airport it was because I had a frighteningly early flight the next morning.  But the truth is, I’m often called upon to book hotels […]

Renaissance Capital View

For the most part, my monthly DC area hotel selection is arbitrary.  I try to move around so that I’m never at the same hotel twice and I similarly try to maintain some variety with my geography, whether it’s a DC, a Maryland or a Virginia hotel.  Often my stays coincide with my recently booking […]

Letters, Numbers and Colors

As a new Dad, I am simply in awe of the explosion of development I’m seeing in my young son.  And as I watch in amazement the discovery and awareness that emerges daily, I relish the day long past when such minute accomplishments could resonate so loudly, when a simple new unearthing could literally change […]


I’ve delivered presentations to audiences of various shapes and sizes over the years, I’ve chaired scores of conference calls, and I’ve facilitated dozens of meetings.  But last week was the first time I’d ever led my very own webinar thanks to the association for whom I serve on the national board, the Society of Government […]

Hyatt Place DC US Capitol

Every time I return to Washington there’s a brand new neighborhood that’s sprung.  The neighborhood I used to live in, Logan Circle, never ceases to amaze me with a brand new condo building, new retail, and an exceptional new restaurant opening each and every month.  But another neighborhood giving good rise to competition in Washington […]