My parents celebrated forty years of marriage yesterday!  There’s a lot of joy to be had from an achievement of this kind and so I’ll only lament on the selfishly scary part for a brief moment.  For one, that means it’s only a year and a half until I celebrate forty years on this planet.  And while I have had time to get used to that scenario, what’s more frightening is that I won’t celebrate such a heralded anniversary myself until the year 2052, just before my seventy-sixth birthday!  Egad!

But no doubt I consider myself tremendously fortunate to come from a family with parents who have been together four decades, but also having in-laws who are married even longer.  My son has grandparents whose marriages span eighty six years.  I realize this is nothing to be taken for granted in this day and age.  He has such incredible role models in his life that I can’t be more grateful!  Happy Anniversary Mom (Mimi) and Dad (Boppa)!