Networking in New York

The secret is out.  Well, it’s not even a secret so much.  I moved to New York in November of 2011 and still consider my business DC based.  My PO Box is a DC address.  My phone number is a 202 area code.  And the majority of my clients are no doubt in Washington.  But since it will be three years this November that I live here, it’s time I make a bigger splash in the New York marketplace.  To all my supplier friends – if you’re holding events in Washington, please keep me on your list.  There’s a good chance I’ll be there.  But likewise, if you’re holding events in New York, I’d love an invite there too.  I can hop on the train and make your event all the same.

In the last week I was able to join my friends from the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau for a lovely luncheon at the Capital Grille downtown and also my friends from Experience Columbus for an afternoon Yankees game.  I’m very grateful for these invites and for the opportunity to mix and mingle in New York.  The marketplace here is a beast and it could easily take a lifetime to decipher all of it.  But the more I get out there, the quicker the job will be done.   Challenge accepted!

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